Our Assumptions

The primary underlying assumption of WMR is “The WMR Experience is a Group Experience.” There are a number of additional assumptions that provide the foundation and the underpinnings of the curriculum. Among them are:

  • Everyone is unique and different within their own humanity and deserves to be treated and perceived in the same way we would like to be treated and perceived.
  • We are all in recovery and responsible for our own wellness.
  • We can all become more human.
  • We are all responsible for our own unlearning and relearning.
  • We can all learn effectively through experience.
  • We can all learn from one another collectively in empowering learning communities.
  • We can be transformed by our experience in empowering learning communities.
  • All voices need be heard and respected in empowering learning communities.
  • Collective learning supports “voice” and personal choice.
  • We require safe supportive environments to be transformed by collective learning.
  • There are neither experts nor novices in empowering learning communities only persons committed to growth.
  • Participants in empowering learning communities have mutual regard and respect (care and commitment) for one another.
  • We all learn and participate in our own way.
  • Participants in empowering learning communities listen deeply enough to be changed by what they learn.

The WMR Assumptions provide a framework for the group. Participants become aware of these assumptions during their orientation to WMR. The group can then build upon these throughout the entire curriculum process. The WMR Assumptions provide a center for the curriculum and the facilitation process. A good facilitator consistently threads the new knowledge that is created by the group through the assumptions.

Our Values

Like the WMR Assumption, our values provide guidance to the WMR curriculum and the group experience. The following values are inherent in WMR:

  • Everyone has freedom of voice and choice. Democracy promotes egalitarian relationships; which fosters the authenticity.
  • All forms of knowledge and evidence and different ways of knowing are valid and appreciated and affirmed. Evidence may not be quantitative to be valid. The lived experience is valued.
  • Through our humanness we are able to connect in our strengths and our vulnerabilities and contribute to individual and collective growth. We all aspire to become more humane.
  • We regard one another with dignity, respect, and honor.
  • Differences are recognized and appreciated.
  • We embrace individual and collective empowerment..
  • Self Determination and autonomy are essential for wellness.
  • All means of participation and all contributions are welcome.
  • Relationships are mutual and reciprocal.
  • Action transcends the theory, but is informed by it.