Overview of WRT in Ohio

  • Transformative therapeutic intervention based on a psychoeducational curriculumwmr-overview
  • Incorporates adult education methodology
  • Consists of a minimum 24-hours of “train-the-trainer” model to become a facilitator
  • Ten 2-hour sessions
  • Team facilitated with a mental health specialist and a person in recovery
  • Offered in small groups
  • Family members and other support persons are encouraged to attend
  • Focus on holistic health and wellness
  • Multicultural competency is a central component to the design and application
  • Rigorous evaluation infused in model

10 WMT Sessions


  1. Mental Health Recovery
  2. Wellness
  3. An Understanding of Mental Health
  4. The Role of Medication in Recovery and Wellness
  5. Learning to Manage Symptoms and Side Effects
  6. Effective Communication
  7. Communicating with Your Providers
  8. Coordinating Your Care
  9. Building Social Supports and Involving Others
  10. Planning for Wellness