2015 WMR Annual Conference and Pre-Conference Scholarship Information

We are excited about the 6th in Dayton, OH June 1-3, 2014. Just as exciting as the conference will be, so to will be the 2015 WMR Pre-Conference Certifications and Offerings. The 2015 WMR Pre-Conference will be held on Sunday, May 31st is developing a wonderful tradition of being “The Wellness Conference” in Ohio’s behavioral healthcare system. Adding The Pre-Conference Workshops and Certifications even further strengthens our becoming known as “The Wellness Conference in Ohio”. The workshops and activities center around Self-Management and Recovery Tools Technology-(SMART), as well as the various dimensions of wellness. Participants enjoy the beautiful surroundings of the Retreat Center while building relationships with colleagues and peers throughout the state and across the country. This year’s theme is “Share the Experience” and we anticipate there will be dynamic workshops and activities full of new information and powerful stories of personal recovery and wellness.

In the past, the CCOE has been able to offer scholarships for registration to the conference. Regretfully, in 2014, the CCOE had significant cuts in the budget and we are unable to offer scholarships. We are sending this notification to you so that you, your organization and the people you serve have time to prepare for the conference/pre-conference and finding assistance with the registration fees.

We are aware of some resources throughout the state that have been able to provide scholarships in the past and may have funds available this year to offset the costs of conference registration. These include*OhioMHAS Consumer and Family Partnership Team(conference only) Mental Health America, NAMI, and some of the local ADAMH or Mental Health and Recovery Service Boards.

*OhioMHAS Consumer and Family Partnership Team will take applications for the Conference only. No Pre-Conference scholarships are available.

Please do not apply for any funding for the Pre-Conference or include any costs associated with the Pre-Conference if applying for a scholarship to attend the 2015 WMR Conference through OMHAS. They will absolutely not fund anything Pre-Conference and it may hurt your chances for a conference scholarship. So, if applying through OHMAS, then only apply for the actual conference which is June 1- June 3.

Many organizations are doing their own local and community fundraising to be able to provide scholarships for persons who want to attend.

The cost for this year’s Conference depends on which package you choose (see conference registration form for prices).

The cost for the Pre-Conference depends on which certification package you are interested in (see pre-conference registration form for prices).

All conference and pre-conference information and forms can be found on our website www.wmrohio.org. Just click on the 2015 WMR Conference button on our home page.

2015 WMR Conference and Pre-Conference registration information and can also be

found on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

We appreciate you and your ongoing support for WMR in your organization and in your communities.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would like additional information.

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What is the WRT Conference

The word conference means quite different things to different people. It was first used around the middle of the 16th century as a verb that described the act of conferring with others in casual conversation, rather than a formal occasion where people met to discuss a topic. Over time the word’s meaning shifted to denoting the meeting itself. Therefore most traditional or conventional conferences concentrate on the content of the meetings rather than what should actually happen during the meetings or about the group processes used during them. The main focus is on so called “expertness” as a way of presenting or imparting knowledge from those who hopefully have it to those who supposedly haven’t. They operate primarily as conduits for the one-to-many transfer of information and attendee interaction and contributions are secondary.

In reality, conferences are arenas for many important activities like making useful connections; maintaining and increasing knowledge and skills, and building community. Here is where we begin to differentiate our conferences from others. WRT moves or shifts the focus of the conference away from the traditional model toward a more fluid ‘peer’ model that is determined by the desires and interests of the attendees. In this capacity, when we refer to the word ‘peer’, we are referring to a way of being with others and not to an identity. We vision the core function of our conferences as providing space; structure and support for a group of people so they can effectively reflect, share, and learn.

We place special emphasis on the development of fruitful attendee interactions and contributions while also supporting building participant connections, conversations, and communities.

Our conference strives to create and sustain a balance between the conference content and the conference process. While it is up to you to decide what is considered a conference, we like to describe our conference as an “experience”.