• 2016 WRT Annual Conference

    2016 WRT Annual Conference

    June 10-11, 2016 Bergamo Retreat Center, Dayton Ohio

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  • Supporting Our Health, Wellness and Recovery

    Supporting Our Health, Wellness and Recovery

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Setting Our Intentions for the New Year

Did you set resolutions for the New Year? We all enter into a new year with lofty goals and ideas about the things we want to change or improve in the coming year. Some of us attempt to write these down, while others of us involve our support system and ask for their help. In our practice, we learn that Goal Setting and Action Planning are two core features that help us with coordinating our health needs and establishing a self-directed course for wellness. This year, we are proposing that we further explore the spirit or the intention of the goals we set. By pausing and asking ourselves to set an intention, we are making a deeper connection to our goals and provide them with more meaning. When we ask ourselves,"Am I going to do this for me (or is it for someone else)?" or "Am I going to do this to improve my relationships with others?", it sets an intention to the "why" we want to make the change. We encourage you to think about the wellness goals you have set for yourself and ask yourself what is your intention for today around the goal.

Wishing you a Healthy and Happy 2015!!


Free Webinar to Learn About the Role of Self Management in Physical Health for Persons with SPMI

The Stanford Chronic Disease Self-Management Program (CDSMP) is known nationally as an evidence-based approach for improving patient engagement and health outcomes for those with chronic health conditions, including diabetes and cardiac conditions. CDSMP also provides a program option for healthcare organizations seeking to satisfy self-management requirements of major regulatory (e.g., CMS) and certification (e.g., CARF, TJC) bodies . However, to date, only a few investigations have specifically examined CDSMP with regard to adults with severe and persistent mental illness (SPMI). 

The Wellness Management & Recovery Coordinating Center of Excellence (WMR CCOE), under the direction of the Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services (OhioMHAS), is conducting an exploratory investigation of the Stanford model for adults with SPMI. The investigation is being carried out in partnership with the Ohio Department of Aging, Area Offices on Aging, and five behavioral health organizations, two of which are phase I health home agencies.

Please join representatives of the WMR CCOE, Decision Support Services (DSS), The National Council, and the Centers for Families and Children (C4FC), Cleveland, Ohio to discuss the Stanford Model and preliminary findings from the project during a webinar on February 18, 2015 from 9:30-11:00am

2015 WMR Annual Conference Update: Call For Art



WMR will host a 3 day conference at Bergamo Center in Dayton, Ohio, June 1st , 2 nd, and 3rd . Bergamo Center is a place to slow down and renew the spirit, refresh the body and expand the mind. Our last exhibit was amazing! Over 50 artists from across Ohio displayed drawings, poetry, sculpture/ceramics, jewelry, paintings, photography, dance, and other expressions of creativity.




This exhibit provides an opportunity to showcase artistic talent from the wellness community across the state. Treasured Expressions has grown each year to include entries from individuals, Consumer Operated Services, organizations, hospitals, and alumni clubs throughout Ohio. For the 2015 WMR EXPERIENCE, we want to make the show even larger and more inclusive. We invite all media of art; ceramics, painting, landscapes, drawings, portraits, beadwork, poetry, jewelry, dance, quilting, story-telling, guided imagery scripts, music, and any other form of artistic expression imaginable for the exhibit. So, if you sing in the shower, tell jokes, draw stick figures, create comics, or play an instrument please feel free to sign up!



Goals for 2015 exhibit:

  • To provide opportunity for all abilities to showcase their creativity
  • To promote increased access to the arts for the physical and mental wellness community
  • To encourage and promote artistic expression
  • To enlarge our creative circle

We challenge and encourage everyone to enter their work for display. Submissions should be sent via email to Vici Hill at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You may contact Vici Hill at 419.290.1426 with questions or concerns.

CALL FOR ART form - download here - CALL FOR ART form - download here

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